Kathy Zieben
Houston, Texas, USA
My Cherished Cuppycake
15" x 15"


Airbrush painting on fabric. machine quilted. hand beaded for embellishment.


This quilt was started while attending Susan Shie's Turtle Art Camp this month. It was a collaboration by Me, Marsha Boasso, Bonnie Zieben, and Susan Shie. We learned the technique of airbrushing on fabric. I finished painting the top while at camp but the piece became my own when I arrived back home and added the quilting and beading. Cuppycake is a term used to show endearment towards someone you love. Youth is the threshold a 15 year old girl will step over when having a Quinceanero ceremony. Thus I called this quilt "MY CHERISHED CUPPYCAKE". I wanted to help celebrate Quiltart's 15 year anniversary with this piece and challenge myself to step over the line to participating and showing more of my quilts with Quiltart.