Quiltart Quinceanero: Janice Simpson

Janice Simpson
Marquette, Michigan, USA
15" x 15"


I have only been a member 4 or 5 Years…and have learned so much. I Am a “reader” not a “lurker” and I sometimes even write. This was such a fun project….. I first designed on my computer an Invitation to celebrate Quuiltart. Next I made a collage of some of my many challenges from Quiltart. Printing both the invitation and my Collage on silk. Picking a background fabric was a real challenge for me…. From my stash…black & white: quilt ladies working on quilts…Sidewalks of Paris looks like a celebration or Blue And Black Batik. Help! The deadline is Soon….. I chose the Batik…both black and white’s too busy. The sidewalks of Paris is my backing fabric…my decision for Quilting is never easy for me…even for this little piece. For my edge finish I used Terry Grant’s zig-zag over thread. (Thank You Terry). Now do I need to embellish? Of course …I do have a few more days !!