Quiltart Quinceanero: J. Marie Norris
detail 1 - detail 2

J. Marie Norris
Pendleton, Oregon, USA
15" x 15"


Here's my submission, Judy.  It is called Hopeful Butterflies as butterflies represent hope to me and have been used to represent hope in quilters work since the second world war and by many throughout history.  There are 16 butterflies in the quilt.  One for each year QA has been in exhistance and one for the hope for a continued good future of QA.  Two of the butterflies were designed by my grand-daughters who are 11 and 5.  They both enjoy working with me on my quilts and the oldest one already owns her own sewing machine and has designed her own work including an art quilt which she won a 2nd place ribbon on at the fair last year.  I have been on the list almost since the beginning and hope to be here for many years to come.  Thank you for all you do to keep us together.
Each one is made of different fabrics from prints to hand dyeds.  They are each a different fussy cut design and fused to the background.  Then I quilted them each with a double needle using a verigated mylar in one and a verigated rayon in the other.  I then machine-quilted airwaves all different directions with the varigated rayon.  After binding the edge I added antenae with a fabric pen and bodies with dimentional black paint.
Over the probably 13+ years I have been on the list I have learned many wonders new techniques and been reminded of things I had forgotten in my 40+ years of quilting.  QA was my inspiration for many pieces including my very first push into the world of art quilts.  Thank you QA for all you who have contributed to the world of art.