Quiltart Quinceanero: Ebony Love
detail 1 - detail 2

Ebony Love
Grayslake, Illinois, USA
15” x 15”


Techniques/Materials: I used 100% cotton fabrics, an acrylic eyelash yarn, metal grommets, and safety pins.  The techniques I used consisted of using fabric that I fused and cut freely into small squares ranging from 1/4" to 1/2” in size as well as narrow strips less than 1/8” wide.  Once I layered everything, I quilted in straight lines in different patterns on each piece, and then I used the eyelash yarn to couch around the edges instead of a traditional binding.  I made 9 different squares, and used grommets and safety pins to attach them together.


A brief statement about why you have made what you have made and how it relates to your time on Quiltart.

I have only been on QA for about two years.  In the center panel, I used exactly 15 pieces of fabric, 13 red ones, and two green pieces representing my time in QA.  I wanted the piece to be very modular in nature and allow reconfiguration. This ability to change the quilt into different arrangements really represents to me how I have changed (and continue to change) as a quilter, and that even though I am bound by some very traditional methods and ideas, I have been exploring more and more how to be more freely expressive – and I poured a lot of that into this quilt.  I think Quilt Art has really validated for me (and in a way, given me permission) to let go and just CREATE.  This piece just emerged as I went, and I am really proud of it.