Quiltart Quinceanero: Eleanor Levie

Eleanor Levie
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
Re: Use
15" x 15"


Techniques: piecing, machine (buttonhole) applique, machine quilting
Materials: Foil-lined bags that once held coffee, a tea bag, or other consumer products; two filters from coffee packages; felt; rayon and cotton threads


Why you have made what you have made and how it relates to your time on Quiltart:
*A discussion on Quiltart at the beginning of 2010 challenged me to choose a one-word mantra for this year and use it in a piece. My word is Reuse, broken down into re: (regarding), use, and us. It's about resourcing, recycling and repurposing, too.
*While I tend to flit from one subject and way of working to another, Quiltart threads repeatedly remind me of the importance of working in a series in order to grow as an artist. And this work is part of a series, where I aim to re-use this concept until I am done exploring it from various angles. 
*An openness to out-there materials and techniques that reigns on Quiltart has empowered me to take my environmental concerns (that led me to edit and publish Unforgettable Tote Bags, a green quilting book) to another level.
*While political discussions on Quiltart are discouraged, this online community seems to me to be wonderfully progressive! So pieces made with trash and carrying a political message about saving the planet may be appreciated here, as opposed to in the mainstream quilting communities. Makes me feel a kinship with dozens of artists I've never met!