Quiltart Quinceanero: Ann E. Ruthsdotti

Ann E. Ruthsdotti
Brunswick, Maine, USA
15" x 15"


Techniques/Materials: cotton fabric and thread, polyester fabric and thread, nylon fabric, photo transfer, canvas, gold lame knit fabric, silver metallic-cotton fabric, bridal tulle, brocade, lace, ribbon, fancy trims, fabric paint, textile medium, fusing, glue, glitter, silk yarn, micron pen and a commercial pin.


Quinceaneros: The Dance

The band is playing, star dust floats in the spotlight. The father, One, leads his lively daughter, Five, onto the dance floor. Five's mother beams with pride from the side lines; the happy guests fade into the background. Five, with a twinkle in her eye, joyfully prances about as One, proud but stiffly composed, doesn't even try to rein her in. After all, Five is the Quinceanera. Tonight is her night! Let the dancing begin.

I made this little quilt to both celebrate the occasion visually and showcase some of the things I've learned during my 2 1\2 years in Quiltart. I learned quilts could include: BJS, paint, glitz, fusing, trims, beads, found objects, glue, non-cotton fabric, yarns and anything I wanted to put there. As a member of a subgroup, FFFC, I also learned a lot 'through doing' plus that the most important thing is to have fun. I had LOTS of FUN creating this whimsical piece of fiber art.

The Background Story

The father, a descendant from royalty, is a royal blue. Although his father was the highest of royals, a deep purple, his mother, a lovely green, was merely a high commoner. Somehow, perhaps because of this mixture, his baring seems rather stilted, almost snobbish. He always keeps the most stiff and upright posture; never allowing himself to 'let go'.

The mother, a royal from the turquoise clan, always has a twinkle in her eye and an enjoyment of the moment. Although a royal, she is at ease with all people, royals and commoners alike.

The Quinceanera has the royal nose and baring of her father mixed with the playfulness of her mother. Born pink, she had to endure whispers about the true lineage of her parents who could produce such an offspring. Then, as a young teen, the Royal Birthmark began to bloom on her leg. Five gained confidence. She began to wear short skirts to show it off. The whispers stopped! She lost her stiffness and let more of her playful side come out. Tonight she is as limber as a noodle as the joy of the occasion shows in every inch of her body.