Quiltart Quinceanero: A. Carole Grant

A. Carole Grant
Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada
15" x 15"


Hand-dyed cotton, commercial cotton, rick-rack, recycled object, fabric paint, Inktense pencil, buttons, Hand and machine quilting.


I joined Quiltart coming from a traditional quilting background. As a pattern designer and quilt teacher, 'perfection' was the name of the game. I loved the freedom of art quilting and Quiltart. Expression means more than artwork. We all want to be heard, there is a juxtaposition of hierarchy..all done  with quiltart etiquette [well mostly]. We embrace the new, respect the old and look for the
unexpected. Reminds me of the raw emotions on American Idol.... hence the name of my piece.

I have used a multitude of symbolisms in this piece... trying to reflect the many facets of personalities and subjects, friendships that could not have happened without Quiltart and the enduring, relentless quest for our 'Own Voice"... whatever it is.
Thank you so much Judy for this ... both for the list and for the opportunity for expression!